Blog vs Website

There is so much potential for a young artist to be seen and recognized in this digital world. Every artist should have a presence on the web for uploading portfolio images and directing professionals to your contact information, but which format is best for you?

A blog is a great place to start. It’s easy DIY and it’s FREE! That is, if you never bother to replace the or with your own .com.  It is still reasonable to purchase  your own .com (about $10 a year) through wordpress. The blog format offers all of the features of a normal web site, and many professionals and curators can’t tell the difference.  You can load images, resumes, bios, statements, plus it offers a variety of templates for the look of your blog. The other advantages depend on you. Being able to frequently ‘post’ content will result in more traffic, and the possibility that some will return for updates.  Wordpress also easily connects to other social networks like linkedin, google, facebook, and other blogs which could potentially offer higher visibility for your page on the web by adding the share button option to all of your posts.

I first became aware of wordpress through a Pro Practice assignment during my junior year. I have continued to use it as my home page for about 4 years. See, and yes I have been invited to exhibit nationally based off of a curator stumbling across my blog through the social network.

Other alumni using WordPress for home page:

Waseem Touma, Ceramics ’02
Ascott J. Smith, Photo/NewMedia ’05

Alumni using Blogspot:
Sean Starowitz, INDA ’10
Caitlyn Harris, Animation ’10

Websites templates can still be DIY for a price.
Some artists prefer the look of a static website they don’t have to constantly update or just want their presence to be a portfolio. This can free the blog up for additional conversations about you and your work. If you are a savvy web designer person or money is no object, lucky you. Go out there and amaze me, but as for the rest of us looking for an easy option there are several sites that offer website templates online for a monthly or annual fee.

Alumni using other site software:

Other Peoples Pixels:
Amanda Nervig, Fiber ’08
Alex Elmestad, INDA ’07
Meredith Host, Ceramics ’01
Andrew Lyles, Painting ’10
Amanda Martinez, Painting ’10

Mary Beth Yates, Fiber ’03 

Cargo Collective:
Paul Shortt, Painting ’09
Ryan Fletcher, Ceramics ’10


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