Try Try Again

Ever dealt with rejection? Man it burns, but you have to look at the many variables that could be keeping you from participating.
Maybe your work is under developed, and you need to take sometime to make better work. Maybe the panel wasn’t into your particular style. It could be a lack of experience or you cover letter wasn’t clear. These are all good experiences when you are starting out. Some of you may be lucky enough to get feed back. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Be open to criticism and apply again. Maybe you just need a new set of variables to make it the second time around.

Like today, I received notice that I was excepted to Charlotte Street’s Urban Culture Project Studio Residency in downtown Kansas City. This is my second time to apply. This time I was able to submit a whole new body of work, and a new letter of intent for a new set of panelists. Oh Happy Day!

You are in control of your destiny. Take rejection as motivator to do better!


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