Feel Better About Health Insurance

I am currently not covered, but I am shopping around. Diane Scott, the Artist Inc. Manager, refered me to some sites with an artist focus for health care guidance. The most helpful information came from  http://www.fracturedatlas.org. They provide ‘an artist guide to health insurance and reform’, as well as a glossary of those confusing terms (PPO, coinsurance, etc.) plus links for quotes. I put in an application today with Affordablue.
Diane also told me about Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center. They have information by state on health insurance options for artists. This is most helpful for musicians or actors looking for a guild or group plan to buy into.
Early in your career you might not score the full-time job with benefits, or be able to afford a premium plan on your own, but it’s safe to say you do want some coverage for accidents so you don’t fall into major debt. We already have student loans to worry about!

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