Jonah Criswell (’05 Painting) Shares His Favorite Online Resources

Jonah’s favorite artist resource websites.
Life is hard and cats are good. In the spirit of saving you all a great deal of time, I have put together this list of my favorite websites to hunt down information on all things art.
A word of warning though, in my experience, the best exhibitions to be a part of, are the ones you propose or are asked/interviewed to be in. Entry fees are not uncommon and in fact, I kind of like it that BEMIS, and Fine Arts Work Center Provincetown get my 35$ every year. I like knowing that I am not only asking for a residency, exhibition, grant, etc. but also helping to support the activities and programming of institutions that are actually doing good by giving artists a place to make mind-blowing things. However, entry fees add up quick so be thoughtful about what you apply to.
Remember that every exhibition you apply to be in, is one you might actually get in. A couple of years ago I was in an exhibition in St. Louis and was super proud. Sadly, when the curator called to tell me that they want all three of my large-scale pieces, I realized I had to ship them all.  I ended up spending $1,500 on shipping to and from. (Oddly my work got much smaller after that!)

So after all of that, here are my favorite artist resource websites and why:

Chronicle of Higher Education:
A semi-free website for posting academic teaching positions. They also have curatorial/image database positions up from time to time.

Somewhat like Chronicle of Higher Education’s site but with better search features like: Administrative, Faculty, Region of Country etc. Usually if it is in the Chronicle it is in HigherEdJobs but many times a good posting could be in HigherEdJobs and not in the Chronicle. (Case in point, Community Colleges of Chicago was looking for a recent BFA to tutor community college students. Awesome right?)

My least favorite because it is not free and in some cases CAA aids a series of negative behaviors amongst colleges and universities. (Many times colleges will over-interview and waste young grad student’s time, Employers often assume you will be attending and it takes a lot to be looking for a job and to tell someone who might be interested in you that  in fact you are NOT spending $1,400 flying to a random major city in February, to interview alongside people with WAY more experience and exhibitions than you.)
*Sneaky Jonah trick: Look at their career postings and when you see a job you might want to apply for, go to the institution in question’s website and look at their Human Resources section. It is almost always posted there. Saves you money and feels smart!

Fantastic site for weird jobs related to art in the NYC region and across the country. Very good for the NYC area but requires a login/password setup which is weird.
Pacific Northwest’s stunning site that features employment, exhibitions, grants, housing, workshops, residency’s, internships etc. Really comprehensive and really easy to navigate. (They even list when things are no longer available! This way your bookmarks don’t go to dead ends but you still know what is what.)
AMAZING and SEARCHABLE list of residencies. There is so much stuff here it is staggering how much time you can spend daydreaming about getting into residencies all over the world.
Very interesting Philadelphia regional resource website. Nice employment and grant section but watch out for the exhibition section, many of those venues have been up for years.
Just like the name sounds, Chicago’s artist resource site that is comprehensive and easy to navigate.
Just found this website that features cool/hip internet art and beyond. Generally this is just a great place to see more art that is being made across the world.

I don’t NEED to mention the Kansas City websites but they are also good and helpful to recent graduates/current students.

Kansas City Arts Commission

Charlotte Street Foundation

KC Artist Link

Generally, I check these sites about once a month. Eventually you will notice about what time of year things start happening (fall=applications, spring=announcements) and when to start getting your ducks in a row to apply for things (document in mid-fall, write smartly over xmas.)

As with all things, if it works out for you, DON’T KEEP IT A SECRET! There is a tendency to keep good resources to oneself but remember that we are all in this together and that if really good art/design gets seen by lots of people we all benefit. Good Luck and look out for my posting about exhibition proposals and my favorite galleries to pester!


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