Alumni Testimonials: Why You Should Apply to Artist INC

Kansas City ArtistLink  offers KCAI students the opportunity to participate in a collegiate version of their professional development workshop Artist INC, with UMKC conservatory students. Everything from your brand to business strategies is covered including connecting you to other artists in the community. I have collected some encouraging quotes on why you should consider it after KCAI  from alumni who have participated.
If you are a senior interested in applying to the program contact Career Services before spring midterms,

Jaclyn Senne
Painting, 2011
“Artist INC is a great way to wrap up your four years at KCAI and prepare for life outside of the college bubble.  I learned everything from how to do my taxes to website construction to basic networking skills to budgeting my finances.  The class relieved me of all my post-graduation shock and gave me the courage to actively pursue a career in the arts. Artist INC really forced me to not only consider my goals, but to put them into action.  I was challenged and encouraged to pursue my goals from week to week.  It was also a great class just to meet others that were my age who shared similar interests–a great way to expand your Kansas City network!  Diane Scott director of Artist INC is amazing–definitely a wonderful resource I will use quite a bit in the future.  Every senior at KCAI needs to attend a program like this.  Make sure to apply! There are great snacks too 🙂  Artist INC is a program every KCAI student should be striving to participate in!”

Kurt Flecksing
Sculpture, 2008
“Artist INC will increase your confidence when dealing with the business realities of an art life, and everyone needs that.”

Hector Casanova
Illustration, 1998
“Working as an independent artist can be a lonely profession, working in isolation and without the social, critical, and professional interactions you enjoy in school or in other professions surrounded by co-workers. Artist, INC is great at providing artists social and professional support and helping to develop skills essential to being successful and happy at what you do. From writing resumes and artist statements to dealing with taxes, it was an invaluable workshop for me, and I often recommend to anyone who takes their art career seriously.”

 Calder Kamin
Ceramics and Art History, 2009
“Artist INC was an opportunity to work with arts organizations in Kansas City I wasn’t exposed to as a student, including Paul Tyler from ArtsKC and Diane Scott with UMKC. Also being included on Diane’s opportunities email blast is worth the whole experience!”

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