Jennifer Boe, ’01 Painting Shares Career Advice in Recent Interview

 Students can find Jennifer Boe at the Art Supply store on campus. Jennifer is a 2001 graduate of painting and creative writing. She has exhibited and curated many group shows, and had a solo exhibition at the Greenlease Gallery in 2009. I’m a fan of Jennifer’s felted bacon strip!

Recently, Jennifer was asked to share some art career advice through an interview with Joetta Maue for Mr X Stitch, a blog about embroidery and needle work in contemporary art. You can see more of Jennifer’s work on her website.

You have had a successful exhibition career as an embroiderer what is the one piece of advice that you would give to emerging artist working in the medium? 

I would say be nice to others and be reliable. Don’t be fickle or forgetful and don’t be a diva. I think that pretty much goes for anybody working anywhere at anytime in their career. But for artists, I think it is especially helpful to work against the stereotypes. And, it doesn’t hurt to send thank-you notes. It’s kind of hard to pick just one piece of advice though, so I’m just going to continue on and say that it is also important not to become an “armchair artist.” I’m sure you have met some. They are those people who talk about all these wonderful ideas that they have and how they want to do this or that, but they have to work on their portfolio first and they never have any work to show besides their senior thesis. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. While you are waiting for you “big solo show” to come, snatch up some juried ones. Just do something, anything at all.

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