Jonah Criswell’s “Things I Like” Residency URLS, Descriptions and Deadlines

Hello Everyone!

Do you ever just want to move away from wherever you are and make art with amazing people? Yeah, me too!
So for this installment of “Things I like” on the KCAI Case Study blog, I have decided to focus on residencies.
My money usually goes to bills, art supplies, and eating out but even by applying to residencies that you think you might get into, you are supporting a fantastic resource for artists. I usually apply to three or four residencies a year. That being said, stay fed.
I have only been in one residency, the Urban Culture Project Studio Residency program, which is based in Kansas City. It was superbly helpful in putting me in close quarters with a wonderful group of artists. For a year I had a studio and regular programming as well as studio visits from local arts professionals.
These are just the ones on my radar, but there are literally TONS of residencies and many of them are very approachable with question/answers. I recommend you look at the current and past residents/fellows and see if your work “fits.”

Oh, and there are even more residencies abroad, I will only list my favorite two but check out which has a convenient search feature!

Charlotte Street Foundation Urban Culture Project Studio Residency: wonderful one-year studio residency with the option to re-apply for a second year!
Application Deadline: April and June

Oregon College of Arts and Crafts: A sixteen-week residency in Portland Oregon! With Stipend! The catch is they look for specific disciplines on a rotating basis.
Application Deadline: Fall- March 1rst! Spring- May 1rst!

Skowhegan: Legendary nine-week summer residency focusing on Painting, Drawing and Sculpture (very liberal definitions of these practices.) Known for significantly helping start your career! Ample financial aid to offset the cost of residency.
Application Deadline: February 1rst!

The McDowell Colony: The oldest artist colony/residency in the United States. The only criterion for acceptance is artistic excellence (ooh! fancy!) An eight week residency and they bring you lunch every day!
Application Deadline: Fall-April 15th, Winter/Spring- September 15th Summer- January 15th!

Fine Arts Work Center:  Located in Provincetown Mass. this residency lasts one year, gives a stipend, and has a GREAT reputation and you can re-apply for a second year!
Application Deadline: February 1rst!

Roswell Artist-In-Residence Program (aka The Gift of Time): Located near Roswell New Mexico, this residency is known for is quietude and isolation. Also it is known for helping emerging and established artists develop a stunning body of work that culminates in an exhibition in Santa Fe!
Application Deadline: February 15th!

 The Vermont Studio Center: Very emerging artist friendly four to twelve week residencies with a large rotating group of artists. This residency is known for its accessibility and affordability. There is usually some financial assistance and if you get into that graduate school/job/etc. you want they are open to postpone your residency inside of a year.
Application Deadline: February 15th! June 15th! October 1rst!

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts: Artist-In-Residence Program: Equally well known for the diverse and challenging work that is produced during this three month residency (stipend and Omaha is wonderful!) Attached to a major arts center allows for residents to exhibit and converse with artists of national exposure.
Application Deadline: February 18th! September 30th!

Whitney Independent Study Program: Fantastic and highly challenging residency in NYC! From September to May this residency serves Curators, Critical Studies and Studio practices!
Application Deadline: April 1rst! (Really? Yeah.)


Akademie Schloss Solitude:  Fellowships last between six and twelve months for artists who have completed their studies and want to have some quiet time to make brilliant things in a LOVELY German city named Stuttgart (known for its white asparagus, no joke.)
Application Deadline: They are kind finicky about it, but usually November 1rst.

Takt KunstProjectraum: One to Three months in Europe’s de-facto arts capital, Berlin. Small fee and great spaces. They also have been known to work with you to find some financial support!
Application Deadline: ONGOING!

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