Information and Important Forms for Durwood Foundation PAID Internships at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Paid museum internships?!?!? Score!

This is the 4th year Career Services will send KCAI students to do paid internships at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art thanks to a monetary gift given to KCAI by the Durwood Foundation. The first year we had 3 students intern with one department at the museum. This year we have 25 internships available with 10 departments at the Nelson offered in the summer, fall and spring semesters.

In order to be a candidate for these internships, students must provide their information on the application, check the internships they want to apply for and have a faculty member sign the form recommending them for the internship(s).

Students also need to go to the Nelson Atkins’ website and upload their resume and cover letter in order to complete their application. Instructions on how to apply, the listings of available internships, and the application form can all be found on this posting below. You may apply for more than one internship.

To see a listing of available internships download : Durwood Internship Listings

Internship Intent Application due by  April 2nd at 5pm in Rishad Gandhi’s mailbox.

Good Luck!

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