On the Hunt! Job Search Tips for BFA’s

Graduating seniors this one is for you! Here are a few tips on how to hunt down your career.

Know someone on the inside.

Sick of hearing that you have to know someone to get a chance at an opportunity? Well it turns out it most certainly helps. How else do you plan to distinguish yourself, as an entry-level candidate, from the dozens of other resumes?  Knowing a face to accompany the resume gives you an enormous advantage.

  • If it’s a public business, organization or institution, frequent the space and attend the organization’s events. Be sure to introduce yourself to the staff. Let them know you are seeking opportunities with their organization.
  • Request an informational interview with the open position’s supervisor or their supervisor. Informational interviews can happen even if their isn’t an opportunity available at the time. Let them know you are someone to consider if something becomes available in the future.
  • Deliver your resume in person, but be sure to look professional when you do.

Be prepared to sell yourself.

  • No matter what your profession, role or industry, you’re a marketer and a sales pro during the job search. You need to understand each job and company you’re targeting and be able to sell your ability to be successful in that role. Visit their site, find out what they are doing and who is already on staff.

Courtesy is Key.

  • Have you had an interview? Have you had a second interview? Still waiting to hear back? Write a thank you note for the interviewing staff’s time. Who doesn’t like a nice letter? It’s a simple gesture that definitely sticks.  Remind them about your enthusiasm for the job and to always keep you in mind if they select another candidate.

Try try again.

  • So maybe you got an interview but not the job? Sometimes you never hear anything. Bummer. Well cheer up, at least they now know a little more about you and will possibly remember you the next time something becomes available. It’s still a good time to write a note if you think you will continue to pursue a position with that particular organization. Who knows, the staff may leave and end up someplace you will approach in the future.

Where to look online.

  • Since I am interested in working in administration, especially with a not-for-profit, I frequently visit npconnect.org to see all non-profit organization listings in the Kansas City area.
  • Always remember to check out KCAI’s employment page. You have already jumped through the biggest hoop (knowing people on the inside) by attending the program. KCAI has a great track record of employing its alumni.

Current postings online for creatives:

Kansas City

Assistant conservator in photography at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

KCAI Admissions Counselor 

KCAI Fiber technician 

Executive Director for Paul Mesner Puppets

Curator of Global Indigenous Art, Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas. USA.

Visual Merchandising assistant at Halls on the Plaza

National Calls

YBCA Exhibition Designer, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco CA)

Curatorial Assistant to the Chief Curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC

Sculpture Studio Manager at the Maryland Institute College of Art

Visual Arts Director, Oklahoma Arts Council, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Let us know if this posting helps you, and if you would like to see more postings of job opportunities. Remember, KCAI Career Services is always ready to assist you with resumes, cover letters and networking.

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