Alumni On View: The Kansas City Flat File @ The H & R Block Artspace

The very popular biannual Flat File exhibition is now on view at the H & R Block Artspace. This is a fabulous opportunity to see a variety of artists working in Kansas City, many of whom attended KCAI. The exhibition opened June 2 and runs through September 29.

Matt Jacobs’ Flat File (sculpture ’10)

Krystal Kuhn’s Flat File (painting ’11)

Visitors of the Artspace are welcome to suit up in white gloves and peruse almost 200 portfolios tucked away within the flat files as well as view the many videos on file.

Former instructor Anne Lindberg and alumni Erica Mahinay and Anthony Baab

The work on the walls will change throughout the exhibition with selections made by invited curators, artists and friends of the Artspace. This is an exhibition that you won’t be able to enjoy all at once so be sure to return to discover more.


On my first trip, my favorite works are by alumna Amanda Gehin. I  am totally entranced by the vibrant colors and shapes painted in gouache that make up her magical world.

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