Life After KCAI: Career Services Visits Emily Lodigensky (Photo ’09) Co-owner of M&E Photo Studio

Since KCAI, Emily Lodigensky (photo ’09) has been building a photography business in the heart of the crossroads art district.

M&E Photo Studio recently moved to from E 18th Street to W 18th Street in the former Inkubator building. M&E consists of Emily and her partner Mollie Hull. The two met while waiting tables in 2010. They encouraged each other to pull their resources together and merged their styles, Emily: vintage and creative, Mollie: contemporary and documentary, to begin working in their own photo studio full-time.

M&E focus on engagement and wedding portraits as well as commercial, fashion and food photography. They also created a photobooth for special events. Word of mouth brought the first round of clients, but they never stop looking for new ways to meet more. Marketing has been especially successful with the use of Living Social (similar to Groupon) and Wedding Wire reviews.

Emily says they always try to keep at least two months rent in the bank. If their account dips below that’s their motivator to get innovative for finding more clients. Although not her favorite part of running a business, Emily and Mollie learned how to manage their bookkeeping by utilizing Microsoft Quickbooks, and she has discovered how empowering it can be to be able to do it, especially together.

M&E use Photoshelter as their web host. Emily loves the site since it’s specifically designed to showcase the work of professional photographers.

Emily says good networking skills are the most important quality to have as a business woman, something she learned early from her father. He always encouraged her to be out and about on behalf of her brand.

Emily will be speaking at junior Professional Practice this year about establishing her LLC and keeping up with the clientele.

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5 thoughts on “Life After KCAI: Career Services Visits Emily Lodigensky (Photo ’09) Co-owner of M&E Photo Studio

  1. Emily's Dad says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful alumni follow-up. I could not be more proud.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Way to go Emily!

  3. Your Cousin Lindsay says:

    So proud of you Em!

  4. Uncle Dave says:

    Great job Em! Cool digs too.

  5. Kaitlyn Gibb says:

    Love you emiluski!! You guys are the best photographers this side of the Mississippi!

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