Student Opportunity Deadline: Call to KCAI Students to Teach a Manga Drawing Workshop During the 3rd Annual Teen Anime Festival at the Johnson County Library

Draw upon your magical powers KCAI students!

This year the Johnson County Library will host their 3rd annual Teen Anime Festival and one of their most popular activities is a manga drawing workshop.  This year they are seeking an interested KCAI student to conduct the two workshops.

Here is what they need:

  • Your contact information including name, phone number, email, and URL (if applicable)
  • Someone who enjoys drawing in the manga style.
  • Someone who enjoys teaching teens.  Experience not necessary, but welcome (they are a learning institution and want to give people the opportunity to try new skills).
  • A short curriculum description for a beginner and an advance workshop for teens.
  • Someone available on Friday, October 12th in the afternoon.

The selected instructor will teach 2 classes (45 min-hour long), one class for beginning drawers, and one for advanced drawers.  Afterwards, the art created in the workshop will be displayed in our teen room.  The compensation is $50 a class, so $100 for the day.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Career Services Assistant Calder Kamin,, immediately!

You may also contact the Library directly:

Kate McNair • Young Adult Librarian • Johnson County Library • Office

913/826-4311 • 

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