Life After KCAI: The Case Study Visits with Amanda Gehin (Paint ’06)

The Case Study recently had the pleasure of visiting the magical world of Amanda Gehin (painting ’06). Amanda paints fantastic landscapes and creatures inspired by her childhood home, poetry and geometry.

After KCAI, Amanda participated in the Charlotte Street Foundation Urban Culture Project Studio Residency and exhibited in a two person exhibition in the UCP Project Space.


The intricate designs and tessellations in Amanda’s work speak volumes of her commitment to every piece. She even finds it difficult to say when one of her small paintings are ever complete. To resolve her artistic confliction, Amanda began her Infinite Interiors series. The Infinite Interior series follows her ‘garnet bunnies’ as they wonder though a never-ending fortress of rooms. Whenever Amanda reached the paper’s edge with one scene, she would continue the story on another piece of paper, and then another.  It’s no surprise that she has also experimented with animating her drawings.

Amanda attended UMKC’s k-12 education program following undergrad, but she became frustrated with the limited focus on arts education and the recent troubles within the Kansas City school district. So she decided to leave the program to pursue other projects.

Amanda is currently living with her boyfriend, Idris Raoufi, in a commercial building he bought on Union Hill. The couple stay busy renovating their living/work space next door to the future home of the 816 Bike Collective. Idris is one of the founding members of the non-for-profit, comprised of a small group of friends and dedicated cyclists that runs exclusively on donations and volunteer work. On September 10, the 816 Bike Collective held a fundraiser at the Westside Local. Amanda, also a dedicated cyclist, contributed two pieces to the silent auction, that included many other KCAI alumni. Both of her works sold.

For her day job, Amanda is a floral designer for Trapp and Company. She enjoys creating lavish arrangements of colorful flowers for parties and receptions. You can see her latest body of work in the Kansas City Flat File Exhibition at the H & R Block Artspace through September 28.

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