Looking for a Studio Space? Caranne Camarena (painting ’12) Opens Vulpes Bastille Artist Studios in the Crossroads Art District

Caranne Camarena (painting ’12) recently opened Vulpes Bastille Artist Studios located at 1737 Locust Street (the corner of 18th and Locust). Caranne saw Vulpes Bastille as an opportunity to support the local art community by offering affordable studio spaces to younger artists like herself and her classmates, as well as fostering a community atmosphere of artists working in a shared space that she enjoyed so much in the KCAI painting department.
The initial idea to open a studio space was suggested by her parents, who are natives Kansas City natives. They had grown very fond of the Crossroads area since Caranne began her studies at KCAI. She told her folks about a tour her class took to see of one of her professor’s studio spaces, and her father suggested that running a similar kind of space might be a good career option for Caranne. Caranne really liked the idea of getting out of school and immediately pursuing an ambitious art-based career, and her family saw purchasing a building in the Crossroads as a good investment opportunity.
Vulpes Bastille is in a 6300 sqft warehouse with 16ft ceilings and 14ft roll-up garage door that connects to the back alleyway, perfect for moving large pieces in and out.
Vulpes Bastille also provides a gallery space for its studio artists.
Caranne is still in the process of renovating the space, but so far they have over head fluorescent lighting, electrical outlet access to every studio and 2 utility sinks; with plans to put in track lighting and one more sink.
The studio spaces are similar to the cubicle-style, 8ft high walls similar to those in the KCAI Painting building. These spaces are perfect for emerging artists.
Vulpes Bastille offers a variety of sizes ranging from 10×10′ to 10×20′. Current pricing is as follows per month: 10×10′ for $110, 10×15′ for $135, 10×20′ for $160. Custom options are available as well.
Things are progressing very quickly at Vulpes Bastille. Getting the space fully equipped is an ongoing process and full-time job for Caranne, but the studios are functioning as a work space for a handful of artists including Caranne. The goal is to get all 17 spaces filled by spring, while continuing to add things that will make it a more comfortable and appealing place for artists to work. She spent the last month renovating the front area of the building into a gallery, where tenants will have the opportunity to put together exhibitions and show their work. Caranne is proud to say that the gallery hosted its first show, a group exhibition of four KCAI Painting department seniors in October. Caranne has learned a lot about being a business owner, and looks forward to seeing Vulpes Bastille grow.
If anyone is interested in renting a studio space, you can reach Caranne at VulpesBastille@gmail.com.
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