Professional Practice: Arts KC and Grants with Paul Tyler Presentation Materials

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Thanks again to Paul Tyler, Grants Director for ArtsKC, on his Pro Prac Presentation! Paul opened his presentation with the questions, “where do you want to be living in the fall of 2015? ” and “what role should locally available art resources play in your choice?” Paul provided lots of great information about the support structures available to artists and art organizations in Kansas City as well as what artists should consider when writing a grant proposal. You can download Paul Tyler’s presentation here. Paul also provided a resource guide for Kansas City area artists.

Paul Tyler speaking at Pro Prac

Contact Calder Kamin, Academic and Career Advisor, to learn more about grant opportunities available to students on campus and beyond. One student asked Paul about the Mayor’s Task Force currently happening in Kansas City. If students are interested in providing their feedback on the cultural environment in Kansas City, I encourage you to participate in the session this Thursday! Details follow:

Chris Chapin will be facilitating a casual discussion this Thursday, Feb. 7 from 5:30 to 6:30 in Epperson Auditorium, to contribute KCAI’s ideas, vision and values to the citywide conversation on the future of the arts in Kansas City.
The Mayor’s Task Force for the Arts is designed to address the need for a public aspect to the development of the city’s cultural framework. The work of this Task Force and resulting report will create a path for the city toward deeper engagement with the citizens of Kansas City that will make the arts more purposeful, rewarding, and meaningful for our community. This Envision Arts and Culture KC planning project aims to find out what we think about arts and culture in the community. Planning sessions are community conversations, led by volunteers, where small groups meet to talk about the arts and culture in our community—what are we doing now? What types of arts and culture events do we enjoy? What do we want to see for the future? What are our priorities?
Friends, this is our opportunity to be sure the voices of artists and arts educators are in the forefront of this process. Please join Thursday’s discussion so that you can be heard and help determine the future of arts & culture in Kansas City. Our ideas will be sent directly to the Mayor’s office to be including in planning the future of the arts in Kansas City.
Similar conversations have been taking place throughout this month in a variety of forums. For more information about the process, visit



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