Student Opportunity Deadline: Kansas City, KS Public Library Exhibitions for KCAI Seniors


A Call to Kansas City Art Institute Seniors


Spring 2014 Exhibit at the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library, South Branch

The Kansas City, Kansas Public Library is pleased to offer a spring 2014 exhibit at the South Branch Library, 3104 Strong Avenue in Argentine, to one KCAI senior. The library strives to be a partner in the Kansas City arts community and the mission of the Library galleries is to present exhibits that would not otherwise be available to patrons of the Library. We aim to present a broad spectrum of opinions and viewpoints.

Eligibility and exhibit details:
Works submitted must be original works of art completed by the artist within the last five years. Artists may submit work in any medium for consideration; however, artists may be asked to provide pedestals or any other display materials required for three-dimensional work or work that requires special installation. Dates available for the exhibit are approximately March 12 – May 5, 2014. Exhibits are typically on display for 8 weeks but this time frame can be customized to meet the needs of the student.
The gallery at the South branch comprises approximately 40 running feet of wall space, using a Walker hanging system. All two-dimensional works of art must have proper hanging wire. Artists exhibiting at the library are responsible for delivery and retrieval of their artwork. The artist is also responsible for framing and ensuring that the artwork is exhibition ready. Please note: Kansas City, Kansas Public Library does not provide insurance on artwork exhibited in the library gallery space.
The Library is responsible for coordinating the display and promotion of the exhibit including publicity to local newspapers, online calendars, and the library’s website, blog, and Facebook pages. The Library takes responsibility for helping artists hang their work, provides space for an opening reception and creates exhibit labels and reception invitations.

How to apply :
The KCKPL gallery application is accessible on the library’s display and exhibits guidelines web page. Completed applications should be mailed or emailed no later than October 1, 2013 to:
Anne Lacey
Arts and Humanities Librarian
Kansas City, Kansas Public Library
West Wyandotte Branch
1737 N 82nd St
Kansas City, KS 66112

Please include with the application the following:

  • Five images of work to be displayed
  • A brief resume, no more than two pages
  • An artist statement, no more than one page

Selection Process:
All work submitted will be reviewed and selected by the Arts and Humanities Librarian. Selections will be made based on aesthetic quality, artistic merit, and appropriateness for the library setting. A selection will be finalized and the artist notified no later than November 1, 2013. Artist should have publicity images, an updated resume and artist statement to the Arts and Humanities Librarian by February 1, 2014.

Sales are allowed; however it is not necessary for your work to be for sale to be considered for exhibition. All transactions will be handled by the artist. Library staff will forward the artist’s contact information to interested buyers.

For additional information or questions contact Anne Lacey, Arts and Humanities Librarian at 913-596-5800 x 1025 or email

KCKPL Exhibit Space Specifications

Main Library—625 Minnesota Avenue
The exhibit space at the Main Library is located in the east reference room on the first floor. The space consists of the east brick wall fitted with a picture rail about 10’ from the floor. Rods 6’ long with adjustable plates to accommodate picture wire make up the hanging system. The space will accommodate pieces of greatly varying size. There are also two free-standing exhibit cases. The art space is near the café which attracts many library patrons and nearby business people.

South Library—3104 Strong Avenue
The exhibit space at the South Library is located in the middle of the library. The space consists of an open gallery with a total of 40 running feet. The space is lit by natural and artificial lighting.

Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Schlagle Library—4051 West Drive, Wyandotte County Lake Park
The exhibit space at the Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Schlagle Library is located across from the conference room on the upper level. The space consists of a long wall and is lit by track lighting. It will accommodate 10-12 pieces not exceeding 18” X 24”.

West Wyandotte Library—1737 N. 82nd Street
The exhibit space at the West Wyandotte Library is located on the first floor of the facility. The space consists of two main exhibit areas: the Fine Arts Gallery and the Foyer Exhibit Cases. All exhibit cases lock.

The Fine Arts Gallery consists of three wall areas: the east wall is 24’ wide by 7’6” high. The south wall is 24’ wide by 7’6” high and the west wall is 17’ wide by 7’6” high. All of this space is well lit by track lighting.  The remaining gallery wall space consists of the west wall—divided into two sections by alcove seating—each measuring 18’ wide by 7’6” high. This gallery space is lit by excellent natural and artificial lighting. In addition the gallery consists of an exhibit case 10’ wide and 4’10” high. It is divided into three sections: the left and right sections are 4’10” high by 34” wide and 25” deep. The center section is 4’10” high, 46” wide and 25” deep. The exhibit case is well lit and has adjustable glass shelves.

The Foyer Exhibit Case is 13’10” wide and 4’10” high. It is divided into three sections: the left and right sections are 4’10” high, 46” wide and 25” deep. The center section is 4’10” high, 70” wide and 25” deep. The exhibit case is well lit and has adjustable glass shelves.

In addition to the foyer cases, there are two pedestal cases located in the foyer. They measure 28” wide and 28” deep and 18” high. Each case sits on a base 32” high. They are well lit and the covers are made of Plexiglas.

Turner Community Library—831 S. 55th Street (inside the Arthur C. Waugh Community Center)
 exhibit space at the Turner Library consists of a locking display case in the hallway just outside the library. The case is approximately 12’ long and 4’ high with four adjustable shelves. The Turner Community Library is located inside the Arthur C. Waugh Community Center at 831 S. 55th Street, Kansas City, KS.

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