Student Opportunity Deadline: “The Artist Is In” at the Nelson Atkins Museum Store

Opportunity for artists at the Nelson-Atkins Museum Store!
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is looking for artists affiliated with KCAI to display their work outside the museum store on Saturday, March 29th, for a new program, “The Artist Is In”. The museum is looking for artists whose work is product based – something the public can purchase for their home. The museum is also looking for artists to do a presentation on their work, whether it be showing their artistic process, their inspiration, teaching a “how-to” presentation, or by personalizing the work for customers. This program is relatively new, so there is room for creativity and flexibility in the presentation.
All products will be evaluated for resale potential in the Museum Store, and depending on the cost/size of the work the store will either:
          1. Purchase the items at cost to have in the store for resale
           2. Display the pieces on a consignment basis in which, when sold, the profit will be split 50/50 between the artist and the museum.
Interested artists should submit images of their work along with a description of how they will involve the public with their art to Rishad Gandhi at Applications are due by December 2nd.
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