Money Talks: Bread KC seeks applications for their 3rd Anniversary Event

Bread! KC (Sean Starowitz INDA ’10 and Andy Erdrich Painting ’10) is hosting their 3 year anniversary at Farm to Market Bread Co. on Sunday, October 20. They are still looking for applications for presenters.


As a response to the continued dwindling of government support for the arts, BREAD! KC was founded in October 2010 as a micro-financing organization dedicated to providing sustainable, democratic means of supporting the Kansas City creative community. BREAD! KC is a member of the Sunday Soup Network, an international system of over 70 similar organizations, originally founded by the Chicago-based artist collective, Incubate.

The event prototype is simple: bring the community together, serve them a delicious meal in exchange for a modest donation, introduce them to innovative artists from the community and educate them about their projects, then allow them to choose which project they would like to fund.  Although there is a monetary award involved, BREAD! KC also strives to bring the community together to create and strengthen a network of support for each other.  Additionally, it provides a platform for which artists can present new ideas and receive valuable feedback.

At the close of 2012, BREAD! KC  raised over $12,000 for local artists!

Learn more about Bread! KC and how to apply at, and applications can be emailed to

Download The Bread Grant App

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