Student Opportunity Deadline: Paid internships at the Nelson – APPLY NOW

Every year KCAI students are able to apply for PAID internships at the Nelson –Atkins Museum through the Durwood Foundation. This year there are 31 internship positions available in 10 different departments at the Nelson for the summer, fall and spring semesters.
The Durwood internships are now live on the Nelson-Atkins website. Interested students should apply online by going to:
Students may apply for as many positions as they would like, but will need to complete the online application process for each position.
These positions will be open for applicants through March 21st. 
In addition to applying online, please fill out this form. Have it signed by a faculty member and submit it to me in the AACS office before March 21st. You must complete both the online application and the attached form in order to be considered.
Rising sophomores and juniors (students who will be juniors and seniors next semester) are eligible to apply. Students graduating at the end of this semester are not eligible – sorry.
If you need help with your resume and/or cover letter, please contact to set up an appointment with the AACS staff.

Good Luck!

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