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Opening Reception of Construction In Structure at City Arts Project

Career Services would like to thank everyone who attended the opening reception last Friday at City Arts Project as well as those whose contributions made the first Access Alumni Event a success. The exhibition is on view through April 21st. We hope to schedule events throughout the show including artists’ talks and student led critiques. Be on the look out for future Access Alumni Events through KCAI Career Services. If you are an alumni interested in mentoring current students please contact Calder Kamin, Career Services Assistant, ckamin@kcai.edu.

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Access Alumni Events Studio Visits

For Career Services first Access Alumni Event: connecting students to alumni, we invited alumni to jury student work for an exhibition at City Arts Project. Construction In Structure is now on view until April 21. All of the selected students received studio visits from the alumni who were interested in discussing their work further before the exhibition opened.

Erika Hanson (’06 fiber) and Jason Lips (’02 ceramics) met with senior in painting, Kyle Lewis. When speaking about his work, Kyle said “every material choice is a stroke I create rather than using paint.” Erika encouraged him to make a new large-scale work with some of the found objects in his studio for CAP exhibition. She said “experiment and play with the space. Make a brother to this installation that talks to the floor, wall, and ceiling.”

Since Kyle is graduating, the conversation moved onto what his plans were for grad school. Jason commented that it’s best to take time between undergrad and grad. “Your limitations will change after school. Once I was out of undergrad and I wasn’t expected to talk about my art made me think more about the work because I didn’t spend my time defending it in front of faculty. I finally got to indulge in art making. After some time out of school, technical and conceptual needs drove me back, but once you go, you’ve gone, and you can’t go back.”


Later that day Jason and Erika met with Madeline Gallucci, a senior in printmaking. She shared her ‘net drawings’, rejected drawings she cut up to build magnificent sculptural collages. Madeline had many parts at her disposal to make a single piece, so deciding if something was finished occasionally gives her anxiety, and it has been an issue with critiquing faculty. Erika said “the work is transitory, there isn’t an end, but in a positive way. You’ll just have to get good about talking about the moment” Jason suggested that Madeline look at the work of Arturo Herrera. Madeline left feeling excited about the exhibition saying, “it gave me the extra push I needed” in her final semester.

Images from additional studio visits with students and alumni.


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Construction In Structure Opens Tomorrow Night at City Arts Project

It’s been a flawless week of installs at City Arts Project. Students this is your night!

We hope to see you at the opening reception of ‘Construction In Structure’ at City Arts Project, 2015 Campbell St, First Friday, March 2 from 6-9.  Both the Pitch and KC Star mentioned it as their top to see pick for this month’s First Friday.

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